IDOLCAM: The Swiss Knife of Vlogging Camera

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IDOLCAM is like a miniaturized Hollywood movie camera rig; you are not just getting a vlogging camera, but a vlogging kit that comes with a 3 axis gimbal, interchangeable lens, lighting option and a flip-screen combined into one compact device. IDOLCAM is the only compact 4K camcorder that gives you boundless versatility and helps you excel in vlogging and video content creations.

Idolcam makes it easy for anyone to become a Vlogger or filmmaker with an affordable, all-in-one filming system. You no longer need to purchase a camera, tripod, gimbal, lenses, or professional mic; all of that and more is included in this one revolutionary camera that is blowing up on social media.

Unique Vlogging Features of IDOLCAM



  • At the heart of the device is a built-in three-axis motorized gimbal to keep footage steady even when running with the camera. A universal 4th Axis Stabilizer is optionally available for extra stability in the Z-dimension. 
  • Lenses and lights can be switched on the fly due to an innovative magnetic mount system. 
  • 7 different M12- format lenses are available ranging from 10mm wide angle to 1000mm microscope.
  • 2 lights are available: Beauty Light in the form of a light ring that fits around the lens for soft overall lighting; and Spotlight in the form of a rabbit's face, for mood lighting on the subject. 
  • A built-in rotating 180-degree flip-able 2inch LCD, with touchscreen, to monitor from all angles what you are shooting completes the needs of modern vlogging.
  • Moving TimeLapse: Dynamic Time-lapse without the need for additional motorized time-lapse head. 
  • Remote Framing allow users to control the angle of the lens with an app on your smartphone. The user will be able to preview video and snap the perfect selfies and self narrative video remotely. You are no longer limited by the length of your arms!
  • There is a threaded hole in the bottom so you can mount the IDOLCAM on a selfie stick, tripod, or drone. 
  • The all-up weight of the Idolcam is 275g.
  • The camcorder is a palm-size device with dimensions of 113x75x59mm.

Watch here the unique Vlogging Features of IDOLCAM



Image Quality

  • Idolcam features 1/2.3in Sony sensor with 4K video and 16MP photo, image quality and color that you can trust along with Ambarella 4K video processing technology to minimize power consumption while maximizing performance.
  • The sensor can shoot 4K video at 30fps and 24fps, with higher frame options of 60fps at 1440p, 120fps at 1080p, and 240fps at 720p. NTSC/PAL mode available.
  • Video is recorded in MP4, H264 format up to 100MBPS.

Interchangeable Magnetic Lenses




  • 10mm FishEYE lens for action sports and travel.
  • 16mm f2.4 rectilinear wide angle 7 glass element lens 100 degree FOV for vlogging, travel.
  • 24mm f2.8 wide angle 7 glass element lens for storytelling, travel.
  • 35mm f1.6 rectilinear large aperture for low light shots.
  • 85mm f2.0 portrait/macro lens, manual focus.
  • 350mm f2.0, telephoto lens, manual focus, all glass elements.
  • 1000X microscopic lens.

Interchangeable Magnetic Lights




  • Beauty Light in the form of a light ring with 6 LEDS that fits around the lens, for soft overall lighting.
  • Spotlight with dual LED in the form of a rabbit's face, for mood lighting on the subject. 

What can you attach to the camera?




  • External microphone. The camera comes with internal mic but to record high quality audio one can connect to the optional VlogStar External Mic or any other Mic featuring a 3.5mm TRS Jack.
  • External monitor or a live-streaming device can be connected to the Micro HDMI port that outputs high quality video.
  • Micro SD memory card to record video up to 128Gb.
  • Remote control applications. RC control and drone port enable more applications such as drones and cable cams.
  • Battery. The battery is a custom lithium battery, 4.2V 1350mah. Battery life:  approx. 135 mins @ 1080p gimbal off, 80 mins with gimbal on. 
  • Universal 4th Axis Camera Stabilizer. This is a mechanical spring device that reduce in vertical movement from walking and jogging.
  • MicroScope Stand: specially developed for IDOLCAM with 1000X MicroScopic lens to explore the magical microscopic world or capture the close up details of jewelry and other beauties.



End of Year Promotion

Until 31 December 2021 and while stocks last, users get a free 1000X Microscopic Lens + Microscope Stand (€ 100 value) when purchasing an IDOLCAM SILVER Package or an IDOLCAM VIP Package.



  • IDOLCAM +16mm Wide Angle Lens+Beauty Light+Hard Case+Battery+USB Mini cable
  • plus free 1000X Microscopic Lens + Microscope Stand (€ 100 value) until 31 Oct 2021
  • Total price: € 380 (ex VAT)




  • IDOLCAM+16mm Wide Angle Lens+Fisheye Lens+Beauty Light+Spotlight+VlogStar External Mic+Protective Hard Case+Selfie Stick+Two Battery+USB Mini cable
  • plus free 1000X Microscopic Lens + Microscope Stand (€ 100 value) until 31 Oct 2021
  • Total price: € 464 (ex VAT)



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IDOLCAM was founded in San Francisco in 2016 by Jason Lam, a fashion photographer and DIY maker, who was tired of the limitations of compact video cameras and at the same time couldn’t afford to hire a professional videographer to help him with marketing his inventions. Thus, he created the IDOLCAM and having failed his first crowdfunding attempt with a 3D printed prototype, that he created in his garage, he packed his bags and moved to hardware mecca, Shenzhen. He traveled to Shenzhen with limited funding and a dream.

After a year there developing a production ready prototype, he was successful in his second crowdfunding attempt and was able to raise $150K to work on the next phase of development. It took nearly two more years to perfect IDOLCAM to the state it is now. IDOLCAM is now a do anything, go anywhere palm size camera that gives video enthusiasts all the tools needed to produce powerful visuals just like the Pros. The IDOLCAM has been in production since late 2019 and it is just the start of this exciting journey.