7 July 2022 | PRODUCT NEWS

Summer Specials

Don't miss out on the Summer Specials of DZOFILM and AIDA products. 
Savings are up to €800! Read more below. 


4 April 2022 | EVENTS

Events News April /May

Trade shows and conferences are opening up. After two years of cancelations, it looks like it is going to happen this year. We can meet offline in the real world!  Upcoming shows: April 24- 27, 2022 | NAB - Las Vegas (USA) | May 3-5, 2022 | FMX - Stuttgart (Germany).


28 January 2022 | EVENTS

Save Your Seat: Reimagining Live Video with Videon

Don’t miss this compelling webinar as three market-leading companies join forces to discuss the current tech and innovations delivering low latency live video to a global audience.


13 January 2022 | PRODUCT NEWS

CGI January News

In this newsletter: Maxon acquires ZBrus, Racing with U-Render, a breakdown of “Terminator: Hunter Killer”, Monday webinars in January: Cinema 4D Lite for After Effects users.


4 December 2021 | SPECIALS

Winter Specials

Read about the winter specials ending 31 December 2021! VAXIS - wireless video sets | IDOLCAM - Vlogging camera | U-RENDER - realtime 3D renderer for Cinema 4D | AIDA - POV/PTZ cameras, lenses, and PTZ controller | RGBLINK - streaming switcher | VIDEON - professional streaming encoder | DIGITEX - batteries and chargers


14 November 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

IDOLCAM: Revolutionary 4K Vlogging Camera

There is an action camera, a pocket gimbal, a smartphone , or: IDOLCAM.
The difference? IDOLCAM is built solely for the purpose of on-the-go video creation. Instead of carrying a whole bunch of camera gear, IDOLCAM has it all in one palm-sized 4K camcorder device.


19 October 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

U_RENDER for Cinema 4D
Looking for a real-time renderer, like in video games, in your own Cinema 4D environment? Or want to bring your notebook with a dedicated mid-range graphics card to a meeting and make changes on the fly, right there in front of your client? Then U-RENDER for Cinema 4D might be something for you. 


22 September 2021 | EVENTS

28 September webinar: What's Videon LiveEdge?
Learn about this smart videostreaming compute system developed by Videon. And what streaming solutions it will provide you. RSVP here.w


22 September 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

Maxon September News
• Cinema 4D R25 • Other new Maxon releases • New structure of Team licenses • Ask your questions about the new Maxon releases in this Thursday's Ask the Trainer session, Sept 23rd • On Wednesdays: free Cinema 4D beginners workshops


5 August 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

Maxon August News
• Redshift's new licensing structure • Maxon app • Universe 4.0 • Free training on Mondays in August: Title Design and Animation • Free hands-on on Thursdays in August: Introduction to Color Grading.


21 June 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

AIDA Summer Specials
Profit now from a 10% discount on broadcast-quality PTZ or POV cameras from AIDA Imaging.  And boost up your video registration without the need for a camera operator on the spot. 


17 May 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

Maxon May News
Cinema 4D S24, Redshift for Mac, Forger, free training on Designing FUI Graphics, Ask The Trainer sessions, save the date of May 19th for the 3D & Motion Design Show.


4 April 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

Maxon April News
The Maxon licensing structure, free training, interactive Q&A sessions, tips, techniques, and real-world production workflows. Read all about it in this newsletter.


11 March 2021  | CASE STUDY

Videon VersaStreamer in Augmented Reality Solution 
What happens when you combine video streaming with augmented reality (AR) technology using smartglasses, cameras, and IoT sensors? Augumenta, a Finnish software company, makes exciting new industrial applications that help people on the factory floor and out in the field perform better as remote experts. They chose Videon VersaStreamer to do the high-quality video encoding of data coming from fixed cameras and build it in their product called SmartEyes. Tero Aaltonen, CEO and one of the founders of Augumenta, brings us to the world of industrial augmented reality.


 17 February 2021 | PRODUCT NEWS

RGBlink mini Special
Everybody can stream now. RGBlink mini devices are simply the best way to stream and capture from four video sources of every type, regardless of resolution, all with the minimum fuss, maximum flexibility, and excellent performance. Profit now from the RGBlink mini Special and save up to 25%, while stocks last.


7 December 2020 | PRODUCT NEWS

End of Year Specials
Black Friday is over but there are still End Of Year Specials running until the end of the year. Read about the specials of the following brands: AIDA POV/PTZ cameras, lenses, and sync generators | VIDEON professional streaming encoders | INDIPROTOOLS batteries and chargers.