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Designing and building cinema-style zoom lenses is quite complex and good lenses are often highly priced. Now DZOFILM comes with professional cine zoom lenses at revolutionary prices that cinema camera users can only dream about. In 2019, DZOFILM first launched the LingLung series for cameras with MFT (M4/3) mounts. In July 2020, they came out with the Pictor Zoom series for cameras with PL and EF mounts. With this move, DZOFILM makes cinematographic filming available for a much bigger audience. 





DZOFILM Pictor Zoom: 20-55mm & 50-125mm cine zoom lenses for PL/EF mount

Pictor Zoom is available in a 50-125mm and a 20-55mm version. Both lenses feature a constant T/2.8 aperture through the entire zoom range, and they cover Super35/APS-C sensors. The lenses ship with a PL mount with an extra EF mount bayonet in the package. Lens mounts are user interchangeable, providing more possibility of shooting. 



Product Price (ex VAT)    
Pictor Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 Black € 2,213.00    
Pictor Zoom 20-55mm T2.8 Black € 2,036.00    


Features Pictor Zoom

  • Standard M0.8 gear pitch
  • 270° focus rotation angle
  • Filter size M86*0.75
  • Covers a Super 35/ APS-C format 
  • T2.8 stop in all focal length
  • Parfocal design\Minimum breathing
  • 16 blades providing smooth and round Bokeh
  • Clear image and complexion friendly
  • Interchangeable mount system compatible with PL, E, EF and LPL mounts, providing more possibility of shooting 
  • Feet and meters are indicated on the lens
  • Lightweight 1.52kg/3.35lbs for the 20-55mm lens | 1.7kg/3.74lbs for the 50-125mm lens


Download here the Pictor Zoom brochure including specs.






LingLung Lenses: 10-24mm & 20-70mm cine zoom lenses for MFT mount

LingLung is available in a 10-24mm and a 20-70mm version. Both lenses feature a constant T/2.9 aperture through the entire zoom range. The lenses are compatible with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5 and GH5S.



Product Price ex VAT      
LingLung 20-70 T2.9 € 1,615.00    
LingLung 10-24 T2.9 € 1,735.00    


  • Nearly ZERO breathing effect
  • Parfocal design
  • Compatible with BMPCC 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5/GH5S


• Flange distance 20-70mm or 10-24mm
• T stop: 2.9
• Focus rotation angle: ≈270°
• Zoom rotation angle: 100°
• Iris rotation angle for 20-70mm lens : 72°
• Iris rotation angle for 10-24mm lens: 58°
• Fine adjustment on black flange: ±0.3mm
• Iris blades: 12
• Close focus distance 20-70mm lens : 0.79m/2ft.7in
• Close focus distance 10-24mm lens: 0.5m/1ft.8in
• Filter diameter for 20-70mm len: 77mms
• Filter diameter for 10-24mm lens: Matte box recommended 
• Weight: 1.1 kg

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Download here the DZOFILM price list

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