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Designing and building cinema-style zoom lenses is quite complex and good lenses are often highly priced. Now DZOFILM comes with professional cine zoom lenses at revolutionary prices that cinema camera users can only dream about.

  • In 2019, DZOFILM first launched the LingLung series for cameras with MFT (M4/3) mounts.
  • In July 2020, they came out with the Pictor Zoom series; Super35 cine zoom lenses for cameras with PL and EF mounts. With this move, DZOFILM makes cinematographic filming available for a much bigger audience. 
  • In November 2020, DZOFILM released their first full frame cine lenses with their Vespid Full Frame Primes series for PL and EF mounts.
  • In December 2021, Catta Zoom came on the market; with this series DZOFILM continues to build full frame lenses but now for zoom lenses, and again at unprecedented cost-effective price levels. The lens comes with an E mount but you can optionally purchase RF, L, X, and Z mounts to fit a variety of cameras.
  • In March 2022, Catta Ace Zoom will be released; a full frame cine zoom lens for PL/EF/LPL mounts. This series is based on the Catta Zoom technology but now made for PL/EF mount and in black metal color.


Catta Ace Zoom

35-80mm & 70-135mm T2.9 Full Frame Cine Zoom Lenses for PL/EF Mount




The Catta Ace 35-80mm,75-135mm T2.9 lenses feature wide focal length and authentic color with cinematic image. It covers a 46.5mm sensor to meet the latest large format cameras. Parfocal design holds the focus easily throughout the zoom in or out. 

As light as ever, Catta Ace can be easily applicable with gimbal and other accessories. While focussing along the journey, minimal breathing ensures that the edge of the frame remains consistent, hence enhancing the audience's immersion in the narrative. 

The mechanical and optical construction of the two lenses are identical, a perfect combination of wide angle and telephoto with zero difference for perfect articulation.


Other features

  • Compact, wide focal length T2.9 zoom lens cover Vista Vision (46.5mm) sensors.
  • Cinematic image quality with natural skin tones
  • PL/EF/LPL Mount, suitable for more mounts with the Octopus Adapters for PL to E/L/X/RF
  • Lighter, stronger, parfocal as ever
  • Clear as you see, even in wide open
  • Round Bokeh with 16 blades iris and fine details with close up 
  • Better breathing control
  • Equipped with an interchangeable mount
  • Standard mechanics and aesthetic design
  • Equipped with professional Pelican flight case


Catta Zoom

35-80mm & 70-135mm T2.9 Full Frame Cine Zoom Lenses for E/RF/L/X/Z Mount




After the launch of Super35 zoom lenses "Pictor”, and full-frame prime lenses “Vespid”, DZOFILM now meets the need of full-frame zoom users. Again, revolutionary priced. The name is Catta, named after an agile and curious monkey. Light and compact, easy to carry to explore more possibilities on shooting. With increasing cinematographers turning to full-frame format for various productions, Catta Zoom aims to meet the current market's demands of acquiring high-quality images and satisfying larger format cameras, like the latest Red V-raptor 8k.

You can order Catta now. The end user price is €2719 for a single lens with E mount, and a €269 discount if purchased in a bundle. If you need other mounts (RF/ L/ Z/ X mount), it takes an extra €55 to get one more mount together with a purchase of a single lens. And €89 to get two additional mounts if purchasing a bundle. A separate Catta Zoom RF/L/Z/X mount costs €139. 

Unique Catta Features

  • Focal length
    Catta comes in two types: the Catta 35-80mm T2.9 and the Catta 70-135mm T2.9. Together they cover the majority of focal lengths in a variety of film, documentary, and broadcast projects. By using 35-80mm and 70-135mm, cinematographers can create cinematic images without sacrificing time for lens swapping. The 70-135mm magnification ratio is 1.9x while the 35-80mm is 2.3x.

  • Lighter, Stronger
    The 35mm-80mm T/2.9 weighs only 1.53kg, and the 70mm-135mm T/2.9 is less than 1.6kg. In order to decrease the weight, DZOFILM chooses to use polycarbonate and glass fiber on the shell with strict tolerance. Extremely portable for frequently changing field of view. These cinema zoom lenses would be a great choice for live shows, indie filmmaking, vehicle shooting, documentaries, and gun shooting scenarios with precise parfocal design. Because it is so light it is easily applicable to gimbals such as Ronin s2 and Crane 3s etc. for shooting rapidly moving scenes.
  • Round Bokeh and Fine Details
    With 16 blades of the diaphragm and an aperture range of T2.9-T22, Catta produces round and smooth bokeh with natural transition in the image. The extremely close focus distance helps users to shoot clear details and characteristics of the subject.

  • Authentic Color Reproduction 
    Embracing the design philosophy of natural, original, and real, Catta Zoom lenses reproduce the real world on that small yet comprehensive sensor. To record the realistic scenes and make it easier to color mixing in post-production.

  • Better Breathing Control Than Ever
    All DZOFILM cine lenses have minimal breathing but Catta performs even better by showing invisible breathing during racking focus. Along the journey, the edge of the frame remains constant, enhancing the audience's immersion in the narrative.
    Watch here:

  • Plug-in Filter: Unlock the Secret of Mirage
    Loaded with a 77mm detachable front filter design, Catta Zoom lenses are also equipped with a plug-in rear filter slot, allowing users to add and quickly change third-party ND/UV/Streak/Mist filters or any other filter. 

  • Applicable to Various Cameras
    Catta lenses are shipped in (Sony) E mount. But there are additional mounts to fit a variety of cameras. RF/L/Z/X mounts can be purchased as a separate accessory or combined with a single lens or a bundle. The mounts are interchangeable and can be easily and quickly attached to the lens. You can download a video about how to exchange a mount from the blue marketing material download bar below. 

    A black metal version of PL/EF mount will follow up later this year.

Vespid Prime

Full Frame Cine Prime Lenses



Vespid Prime is a revolutionary priced range of full-frame cine prime lenses for PL and EF mounts. The mounts are user-removable but you have to choose between a PL or EF version when ordering.

Agile like a wasp (see here the name 'vespid'), the Vespid Prime is compact and lightweight, and with its 46.5mm image circle, it can be used on large-format cameras with minimal breathing during focusing.

The Vespid has seven focal lengths and one 1:1.5 macro lens. They include a 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm(macro), 100mm, and 125mm. The Macro 16mm and the 90mm is T2.8, and the rest of the set is T2.1.

Other Features

• The lenses have a uniform front diameter, making swapping out lenses easier.
• The lenses are all metal with a solid build.
• The 16 blades diaphragm is good for a pleasant round Bokeh. 

Octopus adapters are available to use the lenses on other mounts as well.

  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to E mount camera (Sony)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to L mount camera (Leika, Sigma, Panasonic)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to X mount camera (Fujifilm)
  • Octopus Adapter PL lens to RF mount camera - Black  (Canon)

Pictor Zoom

20-55mm & 50-125mm T2.1 cine zoom lenses for PL/EF mount




Pictor Zoom is available in a 50-125mm and a 20-55mm version. Both lenses feature a constant T/2.8 aperture through the entire zoom range, and they cover Super35/APS-C sensors. The lenses ship with a PL mount with an extra EF mount bayonet in the package. Lens mounts are user interchangeable, providing more possibility of shooting. 

Octopus adapters are available to use the lenses on other mounts as well.

  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to E mount camera (Sony)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to L mount camera (Leika, Sigma, Panasonic)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to X mount camera (Fujifilm)
  • Octopus Adapter PL lens to RF mount camera - Black  (Canon)


Features Pictor Zoom

  • Standard M0.8 gear pitch
  • 270° focus rotation angle
  • Filter size M86*0.75
  • Covers a Super 35/ APS-C format 
  • T2.8 stop in all focal length
  • Parfocal design\Minimum breathing
  • 16 blades providing smooth and round Bokeh
  • Clear image and complexion friendly
  • Interchangeable mount system compatible with PL, E, EF and LPL mounts, providing more possibility of shooting 
  • Feet and meters are indicated on the lens
  • Lightweight 1.52kg/3.35lbs for the 20-55mm lens | 1.7kg/3.74lbs for the 50-125mm lens


Download here the Pictor Zoom brochure including specs.



10-24mm & 20-70mm cine zoom lenses for MFT mount



LingLung is available in a 10-24mm and a 20-70mm version. Both lenses feature a constant T/2.9 aperture through the entire zoom range. The lenses are compatible with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5 and GH5S.


  • Nearly ZERO breathing effect
  • Parfocal design
  • Compatible with BMPCC 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5/GH5S


• Flange distance 20-70mm or 10-24mm
• T stop: 2.9
• Focus rotation angle: ≈270°
• Zoom rotation angle: 100°
• Iris rotation angle for 20-70mm lens : 72°
• Iris rotation angle for 10-24mm lens: 58°
• Fine adjustment on black flange: ±0.3mm
• Iris blades: 12
• Close focus distance 20-70mm lens : 0.79m/2ft.7in
• Close focus distance 10-24mm lens: 0.5m/1ft.8in
• Filter diameter for 20-70mm len: 77mms
• Filter diameter for 10-24mm lens: Matte box recommended 
• Weight: 1.1 kg

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