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Videon, a cutting-edge developer of 4K and HD streaming products, is simplifying video streaming with the introduction of its VersaStreamer product line. Offering superior functionality and image quality at a price point that puts it in a league of its own, the Videon VersaStreamer addresses specific applications within event streaming and pro AV markets; perfect for house of worship, corporate, sports, gaming, and live-event applications. VersaStreamer has both HDMI and SDI input, making the product suitable for professional workflows. 

The VersaStreamer line, with its multiple RTMP streaming support, is perfect for users looking for maximum versatility with an all-in-one streaming and recording device. The VersaStreamer allows for streaming locally, point to point, and to multiple online video platforms simultaneously while also recording to a backup USB. The system's simple user interface promotes a high-quality user experience. 

The EdgeCaster was designed so that you can go live confidently with minimal latency. It boasts important live streaming capabilities like HLS, DASH, CMAF, and SRT protocol support so that you can deliver the highest quality to your audience regardless of their network speed. And with HTTP Push and Pull support, your workflow options are nearly limitless.

Product Features




Features VersaStreamer SDI

  • Stream up to 1080p60 with H.264 or HEVC (H.265)
  • Stream to 3 RTMP destinations at the push of a button
  • Simultaneous local backup recording while streaming
  • SMPTE 608/709 Closed Caption support
  • Two unicast RTP streams for point to point
  • Multicast RTP support

Features VersaStreamer 4K

  • All features of VersaStreamer SDI
  • Stream up to 3840p30 with H.264 or HEVC (H.265)
  • Video Input Preview in our intuitive Web UI
  • Real-time audio level meter overlayed on Input Preview
  • SRT for reliable point-to-point streaming
  • CEA 608/708 Closed Captions
  • Upgradable to EdgeCaster functionality allowing even lower latencies

Features EdgeCaster

  • All features of VersaStreamer 4K
  • Direct streaming to CDNs with HTTP Push and Pull
  • Native packaging of player ready HLS and DASH
  • Low Latency CMAF
  • Multiple Bitrates
  • Cloud Control and integration via REST, XML, and LiveEdge Compute Toolkit


Videon streaming products are available in three models:

  • VersaStreamer SDI: € 1115
  • VersaStreamer 4K: € 1855
  • EdgeCaster: € 2755
  • VersaStreamer 4K is upgradable to EdgeCaster: € 930






About Videon

Videon designs and manufactures 4K and HD streaming products that enable prosumers and professionals to move media from any source to any screen. While the company's live streaming systems enable simpler, more economical streaming of high-quality video, its modules and services help manufacturers bring their products to fruition. Through partnerships with leading software companies, Videon technology has been incorporated into over a hundred million devices. Dedicated to being more than just a technology company, Videon actively supports its employees, its community, and the environment.

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