Pauli PT Head

An innovative robotic camera head


What Is It?

Pauli PT Head is a professional, innovative, and affordable robotic pan tilt camera head (PT head) built for full automation of professional broadcast cameras with full servo lenses (up to 20 kg payload). Just put the head on a tripod or a lift and literally any aspect of camera control can be automated. Pauli's innovative design and advanced communication protocols not only allow for automatic control of pan, tilt, zoom, iris, and focus but can also extend to the automation of any accessory of the camera such as a teleprompter or AI-based camera tracking and framing software. One of Pauli's main advantages is that a single operator can control multiple pan tilt heads from a unique control point.

With Pauli PT Head, you can now use a broadcast camera both as a manually operating camera from shoulder or tripod and as an automated camera in a fully automatic production workflow.

Unique Features




  • Multiple ways of control. The head can be controlled via smartphone, tablet, computer, or any joystick with VISCA over IP. 
  • Easy cabling. The SDI, Ethernet, and camera power cables pass through the head making cable tangling impossible. 
  • Daisy-chaining. Allows for connecting and controlling multiple heads from a unique control point. 
  • Up to 100 advanced presets. Almost any parameter can be stored in presets, such as execution times, zoom, focus, and iris. Also, an array of presets can be timed and executed fully or partially automated.
  • Wide speed range with very smooth operation.  0.001-180°/s for pan and tilt (so from 2s to 4 days for a full rotation).
  • Interface for Canon and Fujinon servo zoom lenses, LANC, and external follow focus motors.
  • A payload of 20 kg enables mounting of large and heavy cameras even with a teleprompter.
  • Modern look (lightweight L-shape design). Could be of critical importance in situations where the head is placed next to the guests. 
  • Easy extension to full automation. It is for instance compatible with Seervision suite for autonomous tracking and directing. 
  • Good price/quality ratio. Pauli is competitively priced compared to similar models on the market. 
  • Pauli PT Head is precise and very quiet. 
  • Easy and adaptable mounting, with the possibility for reverse and 90 degree mounting. 
  • Manufacturing and technological innovation are based in Europe.


Target customers




  • High quality broadcasters
  • Video production companies
  • Creators of video content
  • Hybrid and online conferences and events
  • Sport events
  • Small and large studios
  • Churches, parliaments, etc.

Download Product Brochure and Price List



Download here the product brochure with specs.

Download here the price list brochure and description of what's inside the different packages.

Pauli Basic Package is priced at € 11,000.00
Optional packages such as Lens Holder and Lens Motor Packages are available for a little above € 300. Pelicase and cables can also be ordered as separate items.

About Zanus

Zanus is a company based in Belgrade, Serbia. The company was established in 1977 and its main activity was in the production of electronic devices and water pumps. In 2016 the company transformed into a provider of advanced mechatronic solutions. In 2019 Zanus launched a project for developing innovative production robotics. In the context of this project, the team won third place in the competition for the most innovative product in 2020: Pauli PT Head!

The company strives for innovative robotic products for the TV, film, and music industry.